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general insuranceToday it seems like every time someone turns on the Television or Radio we are inundated with the promise of saving 15% – 30% or even more on our auto coverage.  Lets take a laser like focus on the General Insurance basics and find out how much of the hype is actually true.  There are in fact some proven fundamental strategies for the smart and savvy shopper that can save you a lot of money, so lets dig in and get informed (Check Wikipedia source.

My first bit of advice is simple.  Take your time when buying automobile insurance and be objective.  Don’t be swayed by cute television personalities or celebrities that might otherwise cause you to buy insurance because you have watched their romance DVD 10 times.  Next, get informed of the coverage requirements in your state.  Each state mandates a certain level of protection and of course you will be needing in the least the minimum.  Once you understand the basic vehicle coverage requirements you will need, think about any additional protection that might really give you peace of mind.

One of the most common policy upgrades is buying uninsured motorist coverage. There are literally millions of drivers out there who could destroy not only your car but your body and who absolutely carry no coverage  whatsoever. Upgrading your policy to include uninsured motorist protection will give you not only peace of mind but could save you a huge amount of money in the case of a serious accident.  Another add on upgrade that is very popular is roadside assistance.  If you have an older car and don’t have a mechanical pro ride around with you all the time, this might be the additional coverage that you need.  Imagine if your battery does not start in a bad area of town late at night, and you don’t have any roadside assistance coverage.  Peace of mind is a very valuable asset.  Having roadside assistance will not only give you peace of mind, but could be invaluable in the event of an automotive breakdown.

The Guidelines – explore some additional tips:1.  Shop around

All of us it seems are a bit too busy these days and don’t seem to have the time to spend hours on quotes comparison shopping.  However, just an extra 30 minutes of comparison shopping could save you over $500 a year.

That is the equivalent to $1,000 an hour.  Be smart and take your time and review at least 4 companies policy rates before purchasing.  Remember, many companies’s target certain market segments, so you wont really know what their actual rate is unless you shop around.  When shopping around I recommend getting online quotes as a way to clearly avoid pushy phone salesmen.  In fact, due to the efficiencies of companies that strictly sell online, that might just be your best chance of getting a super low rate.  Also, it is noteworthy to remember that even after you get your policy to keep checking for a lower rate every six months.

2.  Bundle your Policies

If you are a homeowner and are shopping around for both the cheapest home as well as automobile coverage, then your best bet will be to get a combined bundled quote.  Many of the large insurers have special discount rates if you bundle policies with them.  If you have two or more cars, make sure you include both of them when you get an online quote.  Every insurer wants as much of your business as possible and the path to cheap rates with quality coverage is bundling.  Not only can bundling save you significant money but it also reduces multiple bills and paperwork that arise from policies from several insurers.

3.  Raise the Deductible

Raising your deductible just a few hundred dollars could really add up to huge savings if you are a safe driver.  If you already have a deducible of lets say $200 then pushing it up a bit to $500 could reduce your premium by up to 25% or even more.  Take the savings each month and stick them in a special emergency account and watch the money pile up.  If you are a safe, responsible driver then a higher deductible makes total sense.

4.  Ask for Discounts

It is important that even after you receive a rate that you make sure you have applied for all possible discounts available.  There are many discounts available but the most discounts are SAFE DRIVER, GOOD STUDENT, and GARAGE PARKED.  Talk to several representatives to learn more about each companies discount program and see what you qualify for.

Some companies for instance Progressive have begun security plugin systems in recent years that monitor drivers patterns. Getting your driving a vehicle supervised several appear a lttle bit too invasive for most drivers but if you are ok with it and are not an aggressive driver and certainly not a speeder, then this special discount program could save you an additional 20%.  For the ultra budget minded consumer, this is a big savings.

5.  Avoid Tickets

Today’s cars are so powerful and quiet that speeding is easier to do than ever.  Unfortunately speedy driver, the fastest way to increase your rates is to get moving violations.  Exceeding the speed limit tickets equivalent points and points equal greater premiums.  If you do get a ticket, take the option of going to driver school and avoid that point on your driving record.  In addition to speeding, a reckless driving violation is a sure fire way to have your rates explode.

6.  Avoid at Fault accidents.

We all have seen people in recent years swerve all over the highway as if they are significantly affected simply to pass by them and see they are trying to text and drive or even worse surf on their iPad and drive.  Many people doing such foolish things get in at fault accidents and this is devastating to your bill.  Take driving seriously and be a safe responsible driver and you will be on your way to a cheap auto  policy.

There are so many choices available to shoppers today.  I hope these insurance tips help you get informed and most importantly save you some serious money.  Since you now are equipped with strong worthwhile suggestions, get a free online quote now.  You will be matched with up to 5 insurers that will help you find every available money saving discount and rates that you will love.
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