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Access general insurance

access general insuranceSince opening for business in 1994, Access General Insurance has provided auto coverage and specialty property and casualty coverage to customers across the nation. Selling its products through a large group of independent insurance agents and brokers allows Access Insurance to reach as many potential customers as possible.


As of 2012, the company was licensed in 22 states and continues working to expand its operation through strategic planning and execution. Access provides services in both Spanish and English on its online site. In addition, many of the independent insurance brokers/agents that it sells its products through are bilingual.

The company’s business structure includes Claims, Sales, Underwriting, Accounting and Technology Departments. Priding itself on its use of cutting edge technology, the company’s website is innovative, user friendly and set up to help customers succeed in both insurance purchasing and payments. Customers go through a simple registration process to access their account, manage policies and make payments.

How to Use

Access Insurance prides itself on offering the best of both worlds- an online presence and the use of live brokers. Customers are encouraged to go to the Internet for payments, however, when they want to make change to their policies, or purchase additional coverage, they can call their independent broker to assist. A broker will be up to date on the requirements for coverage limits in the customer’s home state as well as be able to apply discounts that are applicable.

For customers required to carry SR-22 financial responsibility certificates, Access General Insurance provides customer service assistance to keep it up to date. Customers can call 877.353.9838 for help. Once done it takes as a little as two days for Access to submit the certificate to the proper Department of Motor Vehicles.

When it comes to claims, Access General Insurance has a wide range of claims specialists standing at the ready to assist customers when a covered event occurs. The primary adjuster oversees the investigation. This includes fact gathering, evidence examination and other aspects of determining whether the event was covered. The field adjuster goes out to do the appraisal of the vehicle and the total loss specialist determines how much the totaled car is worth. When injuries occur in a covered event, the company’s medical specialists step in to be sure bills are properly handled.

Access immediately gets to work on claims as soon as they are submitted. While a time frame for claim settlement varies depending on how severe the damages are, the company strives to finish and pay on claims as quickly as possible. Once the claim is filed, the appraiser typically contacts the customer within a few days to determine whether the car was totaled or can be repaired. Access Insurance allows its customers to choose where repairs take place.
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